During the month of October we focused on the idea of transformation.  We made literal, physical changes to transform your local yoga studio including new wall colors, mat storage, and carpet! Like all transformations, this is a process, and it is not yet complete. Look for even more upgrades as the weeks go by.

Several students participated in our Transformation Challenge where they made it to as many Sweat and Refresh Classes  as they could during the month and ended with a Foam Rolling Workshop to really transform the muscles and fascia inside the body.  In the yogic sense, we were working on “tapas”- building heat and discipline in order to uncover their true selves. As a bonus, they can now do  a lot more push-ups, stand up a little taller, and breathe a little easier. The challenge was open to all levels from beginner yogis to the more experienced.

Transformation is defined as “a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.” We wanted to go beyond what we see on the outside; and we took to the deeper meaning. We asked our teachers and staff how yoga has transformed them. Throughout the month we shared their answers. Here we have complied them all in one place.  Enjoy!

Jess Earle

“Yoga has played an integral role in my journey toward healing, connecting with myself – mind, body, and spirit – seeking God, and finding strength I didn’t know I had. Practically speaking, it has given me a new dimension of health and wellness, and helped me to bring my two beautiful children into this world. ”  

Pie Economou

“Our culture hopes, anticipates, strives for self-transformation imagining it to be as dramatic as a phoenix bursting in flames and re-emerging anew from its ashes. In my experience, transformation happens through yoga little by little, with constant disappointments along the way.  Only with time and perseverance despite and because of the failures do we experience yoga’s transformation, not as some great Hollywood climax but as a being who sees herself in the mirror and notices for the first time a grey hair or a wrinkle, subtle, unexpected but earned and welcomed.”

Jaimie Griffin

“For me, yoga transformed my idea of empowerment. The strength and confidence I found on my mat opened up the door for me to empower others on and off of their mat. I love knowing that such a personal practice can be shared by others within the community both local and afar. Yoga brought me to my best life and helped me find ease in my own body and life. I love giving that back to others wherever I go.”

Amanda Card

“Yoga has helped me to become more present on and off my mat. Focusing on and accepting the “now” helps to calm my mind; when I am not planning for the future or dwelling on the past, I am able to grow. Yoga has helped me to develop a new love for myself and for others. I have learned to let go of unreal expectations and to be my true self.”

Kathryn Taron 

“Yoga has transformed me into a more mindful person. It has trained me to slow down. I think we try to keep moving to avoid facing ourselves, but if we stop and look, we might actually like what we see and what we can become!”

Kelly Njike

“Yoga has taught me to accept myself. That who I am is enough and whether or not in that particular moment I am what I hope to be, I am still acceptable. ”

Bootcamp Fitness

Amanda Joy

“Yoga has transformed my appreciation for strength. Strong used to mean the heaviest weights, longest distances, the hardest physical exertions. Yoga has helped me explore strength as patience, stillness, consistency, and kindness. ”

Jacquelyne Adams
“I’ve always been great at the “effort” part of life, you know, working hard and grinding it out. It wasn’t until I started studying yoga and learned of my favorite yoga sutra, sthira sukham asanam (seated posture should be steady and comfortable) that I was able to finally pull back on the reins of grinding, and find ease. Yoga chills me out. Reminds me to breathe. Reminds me to smile. Reminds me to find ease in the day to day and reminds me it’s more about the journey than the end destination.”

Thank you all for sharing your inspiring messages. Fellow Old Town yogis- how has yoga transformed you?

Refresh Yoga Center serves the community of Old Town in Alexandria, Virginia; Ft. Belvoir, National Harbor, Arlington, Del Ray, Annandale, Belle Haven and Oxon Hill. Offerings include beginner yoga, stretch classes, bootcamp (Sweat and Refresh),  prenatal yoga,  yoga for seniors.  We are on the 2nd floor at 110 King Street near the Torpedo Factory.