January is always a great time to try new things. We invite you to try yoga this year with us. We offer a 4-week series which allows you to build on your skills a little bit at a time. If you have never been to a yoga studio before, you can also read here about how to get ready for your first day at Refresh Yoga Center

What do we mean by a “yoga series?”

In a yoga series, we are talking about a class that meets once or twice weekly for a set number of weeks.  The skills you learn each class build upon each other so that by the end you are able to safely do more and more complex movements or sequences.

Why do a beginner yoga series?

Committing to a beginner series means just that- it’s a commitment! This motivates you to go to class each week. While drop-in style classes can be really great as well, when you are trying to learn something new, regular, scheduled practice is the key to success. Having that space marked on your calendar keeps you honest!  Being in a series gives you a chance to connect with the same group of people each week, and it allows your teacher to get to know YOU as well.  He or she can then tailor the following session to meet your needs. You cannot get that same personal attention when you pop in to a different class each week.

Learning new things also keeps us feeling young and keeps the brain engaged! Be proud to call yourself a beginner.

What will I learn in a beginner yoga series?

There are so many different types of yoga that the question is not as easy to answer as it sounds! At Refresh, we primarily teach Vinyasa yoga and its cousins Rocket Yoga and Slow Flow yoga. Vinyasa yoga in the modern sense means to flow, or to connect different postures together in a fluid way so that, more or less, you are continuously moving. The connection of postures (or asanas to use the Sanskrit word) is driven primarily by the breath and Sun Salutations. What the heck are Sun Salutations!? Again, because of the many different lineages and traditions in yoga, there are also a few variations on the Sun Salutation. Basically I tell my new students that it is a type of burpee.  Our version includes a little backbend and a downward dog. You will start in a standing position, move through a variation of a push-up, lift into a little arch of the back, move into an upside down V-shape, and finish back in standing. It sounds more complicated that it is! However, because it takes the joints of the body through quite a range of motion and requires some strength, it can be difficult to execute until you achieve some conditioning.

Set an intention

Before you arrive at your first day of class, come with an open mind. Then, after having met your teacher and having your first real exposure to modern yoga, think about what you want to accomplish. We can give you some ideas that have worked in the past:

-I will achieve greater body awareness and mindful movement throughout my daily life

-I will strive to maintain calm in stressful situations

Good luck! See you on the mat.