1. Mudra and Outdoor Yoga

    4 Great Reasons to Do Yoga Outside

    Spring is a time of growth, opportunity for change, and renewal. The days become longer and warmer and the snow starts to melt away. Most people become more motivated to spend time outside and start t…Read More

  2. Yogis who Run and Runners who Yoga

    Peak half and full marathon training time is approaching us once again! It is almost time to dust off our outdoor running gear and hit the pavement/asphalt/track/trail! Every year I tend to bunker dow…Read More

  3. Santosha: Contentment

    After completing my yoga training I decided to spend time studying, practicing, and  exploring each of the yamas (self-restraints) and niyamas (observances). The yamas and niyamas are two of Patanjal…Read More

  4. Maintaining My Yoga Practice On the Road

    Last spring I started to travel a lot (almost 75%) for my job and my yoga practice started to suffer. Long days at the client sites and late nights at client dinners did not leave much time to practic…Read More