1. Power Yoga at Refresh Yoga Center

      What is a power yoga class? Across the yoga spectrum, this can mean a lot of different things. Power Yoga originates from the Ashtanga tradition which is a set series of postures connected by Sun S…Read More

  2. Santosha: Contentment

    After completing my yoga training I decided to spend time studying, practicing, and  exploring each of the yamas (self-restraints) and niyamas (observances). The yamas and niyamas are two of Patanjal…Read More

  3. Handstands

    Are you afraid to try a handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana)? That’s understandable. It requires you to place an enormous amount of trust in your arms, hands, and shoulders, which you normally place in …Read More

  4. Enjoying a Prenatal Practice at Refresh

    We caught up with our fabulous teachers, Jess Earle and Maria Sakaria, to discuss the benefits of prenatal yoga practice. Refresh Yoga Center: What made you decide to focus your yoga training on teac…Read More

  5. Maintaining My Yoga Practice On the Road

    Last spring I started to travel a lot (almost 75%) for my job and my yoga practice started to suffer. Long days at the client sites and late nights at client dinners did not leave much time to practic…Read More

  6. The Gift of Injury

    An injury brought me to yoga. For that reason, I’m almost grateful I slipped and fell on black ice one day and busted my back. If I hadn’t, I might have never been introduced to the practice. Nine…Read More

  7. Aparigraha and the Art of Letting Go

    As someone who has changed zip codes about every 12 months or so for the last four years, I understand moving and packing. Compared to many Americans, my husband and I are quite minimalist, but we cou…Read More

  8. Why I Did Yoga Teacher Training

    When I decided to enroll in a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, I had no intention of actually teaching yoga. I had been thinking of diving deeper into my practice for a while, and I finally had …Read More