During the summer months, our adventurous side seems to shine strong! Maybe it’s all the extra sun?

That’s why for August we are focusing on Creativity. Separating this from the need to entertain and impress, creativity in your practice and life can mean many things. It can mean changing your approach to your practice. You can walk a different way to work or putting a new twist on an old recipe. Routine is comforting, but creativity keeps the brain and body engaged. Yogis especially find peace in repetition, and it can be scary to stray off that mat. But even on the haven of your soft rectangle, you can explore new ways to move the body and challenge the ego.

Explore the Shapes within a Shape

We’ve always loved finding the shapes within the yoga poses, and this month we plan to go a little outside the lines. Your personal triangle pose doesn’t have to be perfectly still or straight! Your body wasn’t drawn with a ruler, so experiment with the softer edges of your body. Try grabbing a prop and using it in every single pose during class. For example, try standing on a block in tree pose or holding it between your hands in reverse prayer.

Yogis Can Also Dance!

yoga dance creative

Just to keep us on our toes, literally, we are offering a very special dance event on August 11! First, we have salsa lessons with LeeAnne and then a dynamic, energizing, creative movement class with Lauren “Lionness” DeVera. Trust us, this will be fun! Grab a partner and we will even bend our ‘no shoes’ rule for one night!

happy yoga feet

In addition to offering creative teachers and fun dance events, Refresh Yoga Center in Alexandria, VA offers, beginner yoga, vinyasa yoga, core, pregnancy yoga and postnatal fitness. Dedicated trainers provide a challenging and motivating 200 hour yoga teacher training program two times per year. Located on King Street in Old Town Alexandria, our yoga studio is a calming oasis from the hectic DC lifestyle. All are welcome. We serve those in Belle Haven, Annandale, Oxon Hill, and National Harbor, MD. We also have provide massage therapy and reiki.