Are you not sure if 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is for you? At Refresh we somethings think that the name “teacher training” is a misnomer. Not everyone who does one is looking to be a teacher. Most of us start teacher training because we love yoga, and we just want to get that deeper understanding we crave. We want that extra time with our teachers, and we want time to digest and reflect on what is happening to us when we practice. Personally (Kat’s opinion here), I wanted a healthier and more meaningful outlet than the happy hours and parties that occupied my off times.

Meg Artley, one of our fabulous 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training lead trainers, recently spoke with Cynthia Anderson about her experience during Refresh’s 2016 yoga teacher training program.  Cynthia now teachers multiple times a week at the studio specializing in beginner yoga, slow flow, and senior yoga. We are so happy she took the time to share her thoughts with us!

Read the summary of her interview below or watch the video.

Meg Artley: Why YTT at that point in your life?

Cynthia [Cindy] Anderson: I’d been practicing at Refresh for about a year, and it was sort of something that just came together. I saw the advertisement for the teacher training. I hadn’t really planned to teach. I hadn’t thought about it a great deal, but I knew I wanted more yoga. So, I signed up for the class, and it ended up being this great experience. It was just what I needed at that point to expand what yoga really is-from a physical practice to something a lot more.

When you got here, how many people were in the class with you?

None of us knew each other.  There were  8 of us. It was a very eclectic mix. There were physical therapists, and psychotherapists, restaurant owners, and counselors. There was a wide mix, and it was beautiful the way everybody just came together because of this thing we call yoga.

What was the thing that surprised you the most about teacher training?

{Um} I think the level of commitment that everyone had to this idea. And it wasn’t a physical commitment, it was something very special {um} everyone was very open minded and very in tune with their bodies, but they were all seeking something more and the commitment that they gave to that exploration was kind of invigorating.

So tell me, did you plan to teach?

When I started with the training I had no intentions on teaching. I just wanted the experience, and of course, I teach at the studio which is a surprise to me. But a good one! Refresh is my home.

Check our teacher training page for more information on our next program. We invite all of you to ask questions. We know in Alexandria and in the DC area schedules are full. We will work with you!